After 5 String Quartet

The After 5 String Quartet is a four piece string band that does weddings and formal parties. The four piece band contains violin, cello, and other stringed instruments. The new site in under construction and we are working hard to update the site. Please visit the pages on our site for more information about scheduling your wedding music or formal party.  They even do private parties.  The musicians are trained in classical music but also play christian music, classical, jazz and more.




Top Five Facts You Should Know When Choosing Hardwood Floors


Hardwood floors are a popular choice and work well with any room in the home. They go with literally any décor and are easy to maintain. Hardwood floors are also very affordable and can actually add value to a residence. While all of these reasons make a great case for deciding to purchase and install hardwood floors, there are a few more facts, five to be exact, you should know before making your decision.


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When choosing any type or style of hardwood floor, always set a budget going into the project. This is important to do before ever looking at the types and styles of flooring because you might find one you absolutely have to have only to find out you can’t afford it. Also keep in mind if the price sounds too good to be true, as with anything else, it probably is just that. After all, you don’t want to buy hardwood floors of lesser quality just because they are priced lower.


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When choosing the type of style of hardwood floors you will place in various rooms, make your selections according to how the rooms are used. If a particular room or area in your home is highly trafficked, you will want to select a type that will withstand frequent walking and general wear and tear.


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Mohawk Laminate Flooring


Décor is also another important consideration. This is especially important if you are remodeling a home or adding hardwood floors where other types of flooring once lay. You want to match the flooring you choose with the décor and furnishings of the room. The floor is what will give the room its sense of space and you want it to compliment everything around it.


Shaw Flooring

Mannington Laminate Flooring

Shaw Laminate Flooring


Another important consideration is the finish of the hardwood flooring product. Again, traffic is important. If you have a room such as the living room for example, that accommodates people on a regular basis, you want to know the finish won’t wear or scratch easily. While properly maintaining your hardwood floors will cut down on this risk, you still want to make a wise choice.


Lastly, when searching for someone to install your hardwood floors, always choose a professional wood floor contractor. There are many technical concerns that can have an adverse effect on the product and you wouldn’t want to have your new floor compromised in any way, especially when you haven’t even had the opportunity to enjoy it.


If your interest is in hardwood flooring or hand scraped flooring then please do plenty of research before deciding on the product you buy.

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Cork Flooring, a Healthier Alternative in Modern Floors


Harvested from the bark of the Cork Oak Evergreen tree, cork is cellular in nature. Its cell walls are 14 sided, providing strength and flexibility.   The cells combine to make a honeycomb pattern, this shape and construction makes cork waterproof and airtight.  Unlike most modern flooring, this natural waterproofing makes a cork floor antimicrobial, rot, and mildew resistant.   Another benefit of wicanders cork flooring is that it does not absorb dust and other airborne particles, making it allergen fee.   Cork is a great flooring choice for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.


Wicanders Series 1000
Teragren Bamboo


Once the cork is harvested form the tree, it is ground, cleaned and boiled. The boiling process adds to the corks strength and flexibility. Once this process is finished, the cork is mixed with resin, formed into sheets, and baked in a kiln. The heat from the baking process brings out the corks natural beauty. The sheets turn out in warm honey and caramel tones, colors that add beauty and warmth to any space.


Cork flooring is so versatile and functional; it can be used in commercial spaces or the home. It is resistant to abrasion, and can take a lot of wear and tear. It has been used in public places for over one hundred years. Many of these floors still exist today.


Teragren Synergy
US Floors COREtec 


Due to its cellular makeup, cork floors are energy efficient. They offer great insulation, no matter the climate. Cork is also a great acoustic insulator, providing quiet throughout your home or office. Many schools, hospitals, libraries, and other public places enjoy the benefits of a cork floor. Cork floors install easily, and can be laid over an already existing floor. It can be installed in virtually any room in the house, including the bathroom.


Columbia Flooring
Kahrs Flooring 


Cork flooring is available in tiles, planks, or rolls. It comes in many different designs and colors. Perhaps you want to add a feeling of warmth and comfort to your space; then choose one of corks natural tones.   If a bolder look is what you are after, then cork flooring that has been dyed is the right choice for you. Cork floors can also be refinished, to last for years. Cork, a strong, durable floor, designed to bring you comfort and pleasure for years to come.

Mohawk Smartstrand Carpet Improving the Environment One Home at a Time  

With the current fragile state of our planet, it is important to do anything to help improve its state. A Mountain of carpeting is sold every single day. By finding ways to recycle that carpet you will drastically reduce all of the waste that the carpet industry is generating. The owners of the Mohawk Smartstrand carpet line are working to make the carpet industry more environmentally friendly. They refine a part of the carpet process each and every day, and they are constantly looking for better ways to do things.

Mohawk’s Everstrand carpet is made completely of recycled plastic bottles. While it is only one of their numerous carpet lines, it’s a great start. Most businesses get praise if they figure out a way to recycle their product, but Mohawk is actually taking some of the waste out there and turning it in to a brand new product. Each Everstrand carpet that is sold; is a large stack of plastic bottles kept out of a landfill.

The Mohawk Smartstrand Carpet line is also better for the environment than the average carpet. While it isn’t made out of recycled products, it is made with a recyclable polymer. The polymer used in the process is made from corn sugar, and it can be used without any negative impact on the environment. In addition to their environmentally friendly carpet lines, Mohawk is also working to recycle other materials that they use to make their carpets. They have a plant in Chatsworth Georgia that will recycle any nylon or olefin carpets back in to usable products. All of the recycling doesn’t account for the entire amount of nylon and olefin that they use in their products, but it is at least chipping away at that mountain of worn carpeting.

When looking for a new carpet it is important to think about how that carpet is going to impact the environment. Look for carpets that are made from recyclables or at least one that can be easily recycled when you are finished. After your carpet eventually wears out there are many other ways to utilize it before hauling off to the recycling center, or the dump. Make sure to keep your options open, and try not to drop that carpet off at your local dump like most other people do. It won’t do anything there except sit and accumulate with all the other waste.



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